ENTBED            Ecologically Nuanced Total
                                            Building Engineering and Design

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At Entbed, our passion is the engineering and design of homes and structures that seamlessly coexist with the natural environment and community they are constructed or envisioned in.  With expertise in passive solar construction, green roof and wall construction, geothermal heating, natural building materials, accessibility, structural engineering, and ecologically friendly landscape and foundation solutions, all of our designs demonstrate a unique approach to the built environment with emphasis on enhanced and innovative livability, adaptability, and resource efficiency.

Our focus on the end livability in our design methodology allows for a comprehensive approach to indoor air quality, onsite gardens, and personalized design features focusing on the quality of life of the occupants.  We strive to provide an accessible and adaptable route to all building areas and uses while minimally or positively impacting the aesthetic and natural terrain, adding to the long term health and functionality of each building site.  We will analyze each specific site to determine the optimal active and passive heating and cooling systems, rainwater catchment, graywater systems, and energy production to ensure homes and buildings are as energy efficient as possible.

With licenses and expertise in Civil Engineering, Green Building, International Building Codes, and accessibility and adaptability provisions there is no aspect of home design we are not capable of handling.  We are passionate about our work and dedicated to building the healthiest, most structurally sound, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and ecology compatible structures ever erected.   Let our friendly, passionate, and innovative team help you envision, design, and engineer the structure of your dreams.